The Schönbrunn Palace

With the clock quickly ticking towards our departure back to Rome, we were determined to make the most of our last few hours in Austria.

We spent our morning at the Schönbrunn Palace. The royal family used to reside here in the summer and the Imperial Palace in the winter. The Schönbrunn Palace is famous for the incredible gardens that flourish in the warm weather.
The Palace was enormous. Its bright yellow exterior was lined with white trim, a balcony, and green window shutters. The roof had marble statues placed every few feet as part of the decor. We spent nearly a half an hour outside of the palace posing and taking pictures. After all, we were in front of a piece of Viennese Royalty!

Once the majority of my camera memory spaced was filled, we decided to go check out the Gardens of the palace. Granted it was almost winter weather approaching 40°F, but nonetheless we still wanted to see them!
Even in the cold, the Gardens were beautiful. There were arches made entirely of greenery with marble sculptures scattered throughout accenting the nature. The majority of the trees’ leaves had already fallen off, but you could see from the branches that the tops of them had been trimmed to make them all one level. I can only imagine how majestic it must look when the trees have all of their leaves. If you continued to follow the tops of the of trimmed trees, you could see three large arch ways in the distance behind the palace. Interestingly enough next to this fountain is the Schönbrunn Zoo, which is the oldest zoo in the world. Unfortunately we did not have enough time to go explore it, but we did happen to see a rhino walk by as we were checking it all out!

The word Schönbrunn Palace translates to “beautiful spring”, reinforcing how pretty this area must be in season. It must be so nice to come and get lost in the gardens during the summer, take a jog through with the palace always in sight, and be able to take a leisurely summer stroll on a warm day. I hope to one day come back and see the Summer Palace in its full seasonal glory.



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